LLVM social in Sweden?


Anyone interested in organizing a meetup in Sweden? I'm based in
Stockholm, but I don't mind traveling around on a weekend if people
prefer to gather elsewhere.



There are at least two of us here in Uppsala that are interested. Stockholm
is fine, travelling further away might be hard though.



Would also be interested, based in Gothenburg but can travel to
Stockholm. Tho I'm only a user.

Cheers, Jakob.

Hi Diana,

I and probably some others from SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) would be interested, we are based in Kista.



Hi all,

Thanks for the answers! I've also received a couple of answers
off-list, so there should be enough of us to get something rolling.

I think we should start with something informal to get to know each
other and see what our interests are etc. So, I've created a poll with
a random slice of March here [1], so we can sync on the date / time.
Please pick as many options as you can. The times are just ballpark
estimates, I'm trying to cover different scenarios in case people have
to take trains or have other constraints. Just pick whatever's closer
to what you prefer, and we'll settle on something more specific later
on. If you can't make it, please say so and we can try to do this in
April instead, so we can have more time to plan.

I'm thinking of leaving this up for a week or so before deciding
something, but if you need to know sooner please say so.

Also, any suggestions for venues are appreciated!


[1] http://doodle.com/poll/cfp7i7x98ad82h88

Hi all,

Based on the answers in the poll, it looks like a good time to hold
the social is on Wednesday, March 15th, around 12 o'clock. Sorry to
those that can't make it.

SICS have offered to host us at their office in Kista [1]. Roberto
(CC'ed) can give us more details on how to find the meeting room
(which is booked until 5 PM, so don't worry if you're going to be a
bit late). They are also providing pizzas and (non-alcoholic) drinks,
so please let us know if you have any preferences / special requests
regarding that.

Thanks again to SICS!

See you there,

[1] | RISE

Hi all,

You can find how to get to SICS Kista here: | RISE . We are located at level 6, elevator B. Just mention at the reception that you are attending the LLVM social event held in the "Knuth" meeting room.

See you on Wed!


Hi everyone,

We have started a meetup page for LLVM socials in Sweden [1]. Thanks
to those that have already joined!

We're going to keep most of the communication there from now on.
Hopefully towards the end of next week I'll post another Doodle for
scheduling the next event, which will take place somewhere in
Stockholm [2].

We'd like to have some talks this time around, so if you're interested
in giving one please let us know, either on the meetup page or by
email. It can be as formal or informal as you want, and lightning
talks are also welcome. Note that it doesn't have to be about your
work, it can also be a tutorial, or a presentation of a problem that
you've encountered while working with LLVM, or generally anything that
you'd like to share with other LLVM devs/users.

Even if you don't want to give a talk, you can feel free to suggest
topics that are interesting to you, and maybe someone else will pick
them up, or we can have some free-form discussions about them.

See you around,

PS: Sorry about cross-posting, just getting the word out.

[1] https://www.meetup.com/LLVM-Clang-Sweden-socials/
[2] If you're from another area, please feel free to start a
discussion on meetup and we'll see if we can manage to get a few of us