LLVM Social Zurich - Hans Pabst talks about LIBXSMM: LIBXSMM: Low-Level Just-in-Time (JIT) In-Memory Code Generation

Dear all,

next Thursday (March 9th), another LLVM Zurich Social will take place.
In our tech talk Hans Pabst presents:

  LIBXSMM: Low-Level Just-in-Time (JIT) In-Memory Code Generation

# When: March 9th, 19:00, CAB E 72

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# Tech-Talk

"LIBXSMM: Low-Level Just-in-Time (JIT) In-Memory Code Generation"

LIBXSMM is a library for small dense and small sparse matrix-matrix
multiplications (SMM) as well as for deep learning primitives such as
small convolutions (DNN) targeting Intel Architecture. The highly
optimized code leverages an innovative Just-In-Time in-memory code
generation, which is based on a machine model rather than blind
auto-tuning. The talk will not only shed some light on LIBXSMM's code
generation, but also highlight optimizations targeting Intel AVX-512 as
well as general advantages of the JIT-code generation. Further, the SMM
code is serviced by a code registry, which can quickly dispatch
generated code automatically.


Hans Pabst is an application engineer mainly enabling open source
scientific applications to take advantage of current and future
hardware. Hans is working in Intel's High Performance and Throughput
Computing (HPC) team focusing on scientific computing and parallel
algorithms research, code optimizations, and hardware-software

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# What

A social meetup to discuss compilation and code generation,
with a special focus on LLVM, clang, Polly and related projects.

Our primary focus is to provide a venue (and drinks & snacks)
that enables free discussions between interested people
without imposing an agenda/program. This is a great
opportunity to informally discuss your own projects,
get project ideas or just learn about what people at
ETH and around Zurich are doing with LLVM and compilation
in general.

# Who: - Anybody interested -

  - ETH students and staff
  - LLVM developers and enthusiasts external to ETH

# What is LLVM ?

LLVM (http://www.llvm.org) is an open source project that provides
a collection of modular compiler and toolchain technologies. It is
centered around a modern SSA-based compiler around which an entire
ecosystem of compiler technology was developed. Most well know is
the clang C++ compiler, which is e.g. used to deploy iOS. Beyond this
a diverse set of projects is developed under the umbrella of LLVM.
These include code generators and assemblers for various interesting
architectures, a jit compiler, a debugger, run-time libraries (C++
Standard Library, OpenMP, Opencl library), program sanity checkers,
and many more.

LLVM has itself grown out of a research project more than 10 years ago
and is the base of many exciting research projects today:


See you soon,
Tobias Grosser