LLVM Software engineer at Intel, CA(Santa Clara or Folsom)

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LLVM Software engineer at Intel,CA(Santa Clara or Folsom)

In this position, you will be responsible for designing and developing highly competitive OpenCL (Open Compute Language, a new industry standard for heterogeneous data and task parallel computing across GPU’s and CPU’s). You will be supporting on integrated graphics processors. This includes a JIT compiler, a library of built-in functions and OpenCL runtime driver support. Responsibilities (depending on your skill set) will include applying state of the art compilation/JIT technology, knowledge of high performance math algorithms and system architecture skills to allow applications to tap into the computation power of GPUs previously only available to graphics applications. You will be working in a team environment designing and developing high level compiler/JIT optimizations, code-generator components, and math built-in functions. You will also have the opportunity to do performance analysis and tuning of the whole system. You will be expected to apply advanced principles, theories and concepts, to innovate and solve problems, and communicate ideas and information with all stake holders.

You should possess a Bachelors degree with 6 years experience, a Masters degree with 4 years experience, or a Ph.D. with 2 years experience. Degree should be in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics. Required experience should be a combination in the following areas:

  • LLVM development experience
  • Compiler/JIT high level optimizations
  • Compiler/JIT code generation
  • High performance IEEE floating point math library functions
  • Strong software development background and excellent programming and debugging skills in C and/or C++
  • GPGPU and/or parallelization experience would be an added advantage
  • Proven record of performance analysis and tuning would be an added advantage

Sujatha Gurumurthy

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