LLVM Sphinx buildbot

Anyone knows what this error message is?

WARNING: search index couldn't be loaded, but not all documents will
be built: the index will be incomplete.

It's been frequent in:


but after the commit that contains docs pass, it goes back to green.

This looks like some system issue...


Anyone knows what this error message is?

Tanya has been looking into this -- we've been getting the same
warning with the attribute documentation builder for some time now.
I'm not certain that either of us have a good handle on why this is


I’ve seen this error just a few minutes ago, and then it disappeared. I guess, it might be a result of flakiness caused by parallel builds. Can you switch to using -j1 with make/ninja when building docs?

This problem has come up again for the LLVM docs:

I want to go into zorg to have the docs builders send emails when the
build breaks, but only after we've figured out the root cause of this
problem. I'm beginning to suspect this has something to do with us
upgrading Sphinx at some point in the recent past (based on when we
started seeing these problems with the attribute documentation). I
have 1.3.1 on my machine and have never been able to reproduce the bug
locally, FWIW.