LLVM sprint RFC

Hi all,

I’d like to coordinate a LLVM sprint at Google in Mountain View. I discussed this with Chris at the LLVM developers day, but didn’t get around to figuring out the logistics until now. I’m emailing here to take a survey of what works best for people:

  1. Pick all that work for you: weekdays, weekends, evenings.
  2. Pick a time frame that you like best: October, early December, January (or later!).
  3. (Optional) List a couple of items you’d like to work on.

Once a general timeframe is established I’ll send out a list of candidate dates.

Depending on how successful the sprint is, it could be made a regular event.

Note: If you’re new to LLVM, that’s no problem. Sprints are usually dual purpose; get useful work done and also get new developers booted. Typically this is accomplished by pairing people on tasks, where one coder is less experienced in that area than the other