LLVM Stable

Hello fellow developers,

I wanted to follow a more up-to-date llvm version and saw the google/stable branch that seems to be updated every two weeks or so. But it seems that the last update of the google/stable branch is from 2016-08-15 [1].

Did it move to somwhere else and I am lookint at the wrong spot, or maybe there is something terribly wrong with the current trunk?


[1] https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/branches/google/stable/

I think the process has bitrotted a bit and not sure it’s going to continue to be updated (& will be removed if a proper determination is made there), unfortunately.

(CC Brooks who might have some more context)

I’ve gone ahead and updated both stable and testing for the branch. Sorry that it hasn’t been updated in a while - I’ll make sure it happens more regularly now.



There isn't an "official" stable branch, but the google branch serves this purpose fairly well. We've used it for this purpose and plan to continue doing so. Eric, thanks for updating the branch. I had noticed the stall in updates, but my attention has been elsewhere for the last while. Having it be mostly up to date is an awesome service to the community as a whole and makes it much easier for us, in particular, to contribute. Thank you.


And “thank you” to Philip and Alexandre for commenting on this. It’s useful to hear that this is indeed something that matters to the LLVM community and isn’t just a pointless checkbox for us to tick when we do an internal release. (And I’d be interested to hear from other people that use the tags, as well.)

My apologies for the stall in updates. I’m the person responsible for Google’s internal compiler-release infrastructure, and in the couple of times I’ve also been the actual “button-pusher” for the LLVM release recently, I neglected to ask someone with commit access to tag the branch. Mea culpa, and I’ll work on making sure that happens correctly in the future.

  • Brooks