LLVM SVE/SVE2 Sync-up calls


Just bringing to people's attention that we organise a bi-weekly sync-up call to discuss and collaborate on upstream support for scalable vectors and SVE/SVE2 CodeGen support in LLVM.

The meetings are held every other Thursday, with the next meeting tomorrow (April 2nd) at 3pm GMT / 7am PST.

The invite and agenda for tomorrow's meeting (including links to minutes from previous meetings) can be found here:

  SVE/SVE2 Sync-up Thursday 16 Apr 2020 - Google Docs

If you're interested in attending, please add your name to the sign-up sheet so that I can add you to the regular invite:

  LLVM SVE2/Scalable Vector Sync-up Meeting Sign up - Google Docs

Thank you,


Probably worth noting that's 8am in California due to daylight savings.


Hi Eli,

Thanks for pointing that out, time just changed for us last weekend, so we're now on British Summer Time (BST).

This means the meeting will be at 3pm BST / 7am in California (DST), which is the time set in the Outlook calendar invite.

I've updated the doc to reflect this.