llvm-test and _setjmp


I'm trying to get the llvm-test suite going on Fedora Core 5 and I have
a number of failures with the current HEAD. The major one (see PR879)
has a workaround. Now, I'm getting a conflict in the CBakcned while
compiling siod (and others):

gcc Output/siod.cbe.c -lm -ldl -fno-strict-aliasing -O2 -o
Output/siod.cbe.c:471: error: conflicting types for '_setjmp'
/usr/include/setjmp.h:63: error: previous declaration of '_setjmp' was

siod.cbe.c:471: int _setjmp(struct l_struct_2E___jmp_buf_tag *);
/usr/include/setjmp.h:64: extern int _setjmp (struct __jmp_buf_tag
__env[1]) __THROW;

I assume this is because of the array vs. the pointer. Why does the C
Backend provide its own definition of _setjmp when it knows there is one
in the header files vi the HAVE__SETJMP #define?


I don't know, but this may be related to rev 1.265 of CBackend/Writer.cpp.