llvm-test lemon

Does anyone know if this is a known xfail?

I'm getting a failure for Mips on this but at the same time, ecmascript.y gets errors when running it through lemon for both gccx86 and llvm mips
so I don't know if the output is supposed to really compare or not.

(This test runs lemon on multiple input files and computes a hash of the result and diffs the hash).

All inputs that are not getting this error message diff exactly between llvm mips and gcc x86.

(I have not run test-suite on x86 yet)

I get the following errors no matter x86 or mips

Error while running on: ecmascript.y

Seems like we are having the same issue with gcc mips64 so we are xfailing the test for now in test-suite.

Both fail the hashcoded result, which is the test output, the same way.