LLVM toolchain for Visual Studio

From this website:

I’ve installed the LLVM toolchain on 2 Windows machines. One with Visual Studio 2012 and another with Visual Studio 2013. After installing the LLVM toolchain neither machine shows the LLVM option in the Visual Studio project properties pane where you can select which toolchain to use for the project.

Am I missing a step somewhere? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

pls read the page of http://llvm.org/builds/ :

To use the LLVM toolchain from Visual Studio, select a project in Solution Explorer, open its Property Page (Alt+F7 by default), and in the “General” section of “Configuration Properties” change “Platform Toolset” to “LLVM-vs2010” or “LLVM-vs2012”.

Alternatively, invoke MSBuild with /p:PlatformToolset=LLVM-vs2012 to try out the toolchain without modifying the project files.

Yeah I read that page. As I said in the original email, the option in the drop down (as you mentioned above - LLVM-vs2012) doesn’t show up. It’s like it’s not installing properly?

Getting the platform toolsets installed in the right place is a dirty job handled by this script:

Do you have a PlatformToolsets directory somewhere under ProgFiles/MSBuild? If so, where is it? We can add it to the path search.

If anyone has better ideas on how to find this magical directory, suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Reid! I took a look at that script and found that the files were properly copied so I poked around some more.

I found that if I started a new win32 console application, LLVM shows up in the toolchain drop down! But if I open another project file from an existing project to see if it compiles in LLVM the dropdown options are missing!

Do you know what might be deciding when the option appears? Is there another setting in the project that needs to be set?

Thanks for the help!

Looks like the PlatformToolsets are cached in the .suo file. If you move it out of the way or delete it, VS will re-scan for toolsets. I’m not sure what other user state is stored there, though. That’s annoying. =/

Thanks for the help Reid!

I tried deleting the .suo but the LLVM toolchain options still don’t show up. I’m trying to do it using the solution/projects this generates: