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LLVM 3.4 & 3.5 are failing to build because of:
error: expected identifier before '(' token
The build is failing on an auto generated enum:

    EH_SjLj_Setup = 233,
    EIEIO = 234, // This line
    EQV = 235,

EIEIO is an errno code,
<sourceware.org Git - glibc.git/blob - manual/errno.texi.
(Don't ask...)

After »#include <errno.h>«, such identifiers are reserved,
<General Information

If any header in the following table is included, macros with the
prefixes shown may be defined. After the last inclusion of a given
header, an application may use identifiers with the corresponding
prefixes for its own purpose, provided their use is preceded by a #undef
of the corresponding macro.

    Header Prefix
    <errno.h> E[0-9], E[A-Z]