LLVM type.h question


I see this in the Type class:

unsigned getSubclassData() const { return SubclassData; }

void setSubclassData(unsigned val) {
  SubclassData = val;
  // Ensure we don't have any accidental truncation.
  assert(getSubclassData() == val && "Subclass data too large for field");

How will the assert ever get triggered?
The type is "unsigned" so how can getSubclassData() ever not equal val ?
Where does the truncation take place?

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Isn’t the SubclassData member a 24 bit bitfield? I think the truncation would happen on the assignment to it.

Right - this is intended to catch a problem where someone tries to store a value in SubclassData that is too large to fit in the bitfield.


Thank you. I missed that SubclassData was a bitfield.

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