LLVM under Syllable

I tried to Build LLVM under Syllable, but it was failed on the next moment
any ideas?

2009/7/2 Dmitry <rohan@land.ru>

I tried to Build LLVM under Syllable, but it was failed on the next moment
any ideas?

Hi, Dmitry –

As you can see in llvm/lib/System/Unix/Signals.inc, the way to get a call to dladdr() is to have #defined HAVE_DLFCN and GNUG – which implies your system has dladdr(). The link error shows that it doesn’t, or at least your system compiler cannot find it.

Can you try to compile, link, and run some dladdr()-using sample code, e.g. http://www.clifford.at/cfun/elfstuff/ ?
If that doesn’t work, the issue is in Syllable. If it works, you might need to figure out how to add Syllable support to LLVM, either via Signals.inc ifdef logic, or via autoconf to recognize Syllable as a different OS flavor from Unix and Windows.

Did you read about the broken versions of GCC that don’t correctly compile LLVM? That documentation is at http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html so be sure to read it. It lists all of the needed files for compiling also.

[ cc: llvmdev – please cc the list rather than only emailing me ]

2009/7/2 Dmitry <rohan@land.ru>

Here is result http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1246553178-clip-125kb.png Look like it’s compilled sucessfully

Note that the entire bulk of the code is surrounded with

#ifdef DEBUG == 1
… code …

but you’re compiling it with:

% gcc test.c -o test

so you’re not including any of the code into your binary. Your editor window partially obscures your terminal, so I assume you don’t have any other options on your command line.

The code is supposed to print messages to stderr, and your test run shows no output.