LLVM Weekly - #1, Jan 6th 2014

LLVM Weekly - #1, Jan 6th 2014

Hey neat, I’ve been wanting something like this for a while.



Awesome, super useful. Thanks so much for doing this!


Thanks, Alex.
It is very useful.

This is great! Reminds me of kerneltrap.org ... :slight_smile: Someone is still trying to review that at http://kerneltrap.net !


Thank you to all those who have responded publicly or privately with
comments and encouragement. When subscribing some received duplicated
confirmation emails, I have fixed that issue. I've also cleaned up the
html version of the issue (it was really written to target plaintext

Does anyone have strong feelings against continuing to post these
summaries to the llvmdev mailing list?


This is definitely on topic (and totally awesome, btw!) for llvmdev. Please do send it here!