LLVM Weekly - #426, February 28th 2022

LLVM Weekly - #426, February 28th 2022

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News and articles from around the web

Fangrui Song blogged about lld/ELF changes in LLVM 14.

The video from the January Women in Compilers and Tools January Meetup has now been posted. It features a discussion with Anna Ossowski, organised in collaboration with PyLadies London.

A recent post on the Linaro blog explains how to set up Windows on Arm for LLVM development.

George A Constantinides wrote about recent high-level synthesis work using LLVM that will be presented at the ACM FPGA conference.

The Rust Compiler Team have shared their ambitions for 2022.

On the forums

LLVM commits

  • LLVM ‘office hours’ were documented. 7a837d3.

  • Demanded bits are now used to convert a multiply to a shift where possible. 21d7c3b.

  • Builtins/intrinsics were added for more FMA variants in the NVPTX backend. be67293.

  • llc for RISC-V will now use the same logic as Clang to select the ABI based on the target architecture. 4e115b7.

Clang commits

  • clang-format gained a new InsertBraces option, that will insert optional braces after if/elf/for/while/do. 77e60bc.

  • As part of the ‘pseudo parser’ work, an LR parsing table was implemented. a2fab82.

  • Support was added for -ffp-eval-method and #pragma clang fp eval_method. 1592d88.

  • As part of the work to add a dataflow analysis framework to Clang, a SAT solver interface and implementation were added. 53dcd9e.

Other project commits

  • The process for providing Python bindings for an MLIR dialect was documented. 5146067.

  • Support for lowering of function and subroutine calls was added to flang. d0b70a0.