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2009/7/6 asaf <asaf@inbox.com>

LLVM seems a good vm, why is there no 68k version ?

LLVM is an open-source project with development driven by contributors (companies and individuals), and if there isn’t a particular feature implemented, it’s because no one has had the necessity or desire to implement it.

Im sure the devlopers of llvm can create a 68k version in a day, rather than ppl struggling a year on it.

Alot of 68k users, NetBSD 68k, embeded devices (not coldfire), get this vm on 68k would be another avenue and increase userbase.

You are drastically underestimating the amount of work that goes to implement and support every new target.

If you really want to see LLVM support 68k, you’re welcome to submit patches, or pay someone else to do it.