LLVM15 Release Update


I’m going to be unavailable for a few of the 15.0.* releases, so I would like to propose that Tobias Hieta take over the tagging and signing of releases while I’m out. Tobias has been a release tester for almost 3 years and has been helping with the release process for LLVM14 and LLVM15 by triaging bugs and making fixes to our automated release flow.

The plan would be for Tobias to practice with the 15.0.0-rc2 release, so I can help walk him through the process, and then he would take over starting with 15.0.0-rc3 and do the next few release until I’m available again. I’m also recruiting some other people to help with bug triage (if you are interested let me know), so that all the work doesn’t fall on one person.