LLVM2.2 x64 JIT trouble on VStudio build

The x86-64 one probably doesn't work for Winodws. That's likely the issue.

Well, x86-64 stub was never ported to intel assembler, I expect to see
32-bit one used on windows64.

In general, the whole windows64 support is missed mainly due to crazy
calling convetion invented by Microsoft. So, all calls from code being
JITed to external functions will be clearly broken (if they will use
'normal' CC and pass args in the registers).

I guess my next question would be how would you suggest I go about
tackling thing?

I've had a look at the stubs before and I think I'm circumventing them
in the example program since I populate the table and compile the
functions in the order so that things never need to be done lazily, but
I'll look further.

If the answer is to add support for x64 windows calling conventions,
which parts of LLVM should I be looking at to understand what needs to
be done?