Llvmbot account for phabricator


Can I create an llvmbot account in Phabricator? I’m working on some new github actions that use the conduit API in Phabricator, and I need a ‘safe’ token to use that’s either read-only or has limited permissions, and this seems like the best option. This phabricator account would be linked to the llvmbot account we have on github.


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Hi Tom,

Sure, we’ve set up the merge_guards_bot so that premerge testing can report back build results.

Maybe give it a more telling name of what it’s used for, e.g. github_action_bot, and leave some description so people know what the account is about.


github_action_bot sounds good to me. How did you assign the account the ‘bot’ role, is that an option when you create the account or did you need to do something extra?

In the “Create New User” dialogue, there I could select the “Account Type” as “Create Bot User”.