Llvmbot on github doesn't actually ping anyone

llvmbot tries to ping github teams when a relevant issue is opened, but it looks like it fails:

(note that @llvm/issue-subscribers-backend-mips is not highlighed, it’s just text, not a ping github honors)

Only project members are allowed to ping teams, and llvmbot is not a member (note the Collaborator thingy). So to make those pings actually work, someone needs to add the bot as a project member on github =)

P.S. I’m not an LLVM contributor, so maybe this works as intended, but it looks wrong.

I don’t know about that team in particular, but it works for the teams I’m on.

llvmbot is a member of llvm-project and could post there. As far as I can see, Segmentation fault in MIPS64-gnuabi64 SelectionDAG · Issue #63608 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub contains proper ping

Nevermind, it looks like you need to be a team member to see that a bot is a member & for team pings to be highlighted (i.e. both the comment author and the viewer need to be members). TIL.

Sorry then.