[LLVMbugs] [Bug 1971] New: EQUIVALENCE not supported in llvm-gfortran


I didn't know that EQUIVALENCE is the only unsupported major Fortran
feature, as this bug says. Can you give me an update on the status of
the Fortran front-end and what the near-term goals are?

Ok. I was going to post something soon after 2.2 release, but let's do
it now.

LLVM 2.2 will contain (as a part of llvm-gcc 4.2) a port of gfortran
compiler to the LLVM rails. This port is mainly for trying/testing and
reporting bugs against it.

Currently I'm seeing 1-2 fails in polyhedron suite. One of them is due
to lack of EQUIVALENCE support. Another big missed feature is lack of
128bit codegen, but this is not a llvm-gfortran issue only.

Also, it was reported, that there had been 2-3 ICEs in CFP2006, I'm
going to fix them sometimes (or, at least to reduce them to the PRs).

I don't have any personal goals connected with gfortran - I really just
don't know the FORTRAN at all :slight_smile:

If there will be some questions one can surely feel free to ask them,
fill PRs, etc.