LLVMbugs list suggestion

Currently the LLVMbugs list only receives emails when a new bug is
filed or an existing bug gets finally resolved. The gcc-bugs list on the
other hand receives an email for every new comment in bugzilla. This
leads to much better transparency, because you can easily see which bugs
are currently being worked on; while the current LLVMbugs setup left you
totally in the dark.
So my suggestion would be let the LLVMbugs list also receive mails for
every new comment in bugzilla. The increase in traffic would be more
than offset by the better oversight one gains.

Just to play devil's advocate, if you want to follow a bug, you can add yourself to the bug's CC list. That way, people get email about bugs that interest them and don't get extra emails about bugs that they do not care about.

Also, our mailing list archives the emails that are sent to it. If we followed your suggestion, I suspect we'd have a dramatic increase in emails, putting more pressure on the amount of storage available on the mailing list machine (which currently is the University of Illinois CS mailing list server which services all mailing lists for our department).

-- John T.