LLVMConfig not found


I am trying to install jllvm (http://code.google.com/p/jllvm/) on my
gentoo linux system.

I already have llvm-3.1 installed by the packager manager.

The jllvm build mechanism uses the file LLVMConfig.cmake. There is no
such file installed on my system. Therefore I cannot install jllvm.

Checking the sources of llvm-3.1 and llvm-3.0 one find the files
llvm-3.1.src/cmake/modules/LLVM-Config.cmake and

Why LLVMConfig.cmake is not installed?

How can I get this file installed so that jllvm can also be installed?


Ok, two things:

1) jllvm is not an official sub-project of LLVM. Unless someone made it so without telling me. I dunno.

2) Package managers, for some reason, customarily build and install LLVM via the ordinary ./configure; make; make install route, which does not include LLVM's brilliant CMake infrastructure. You need to build and install LLVM using CMake, from source, to get the CMake infrastructure.

Hi José, I suggest you ask the jllvm developers. I doubt many people here know
anything about jllvm and its build system.

Ciao, Duncan.