LLVMContextImpl.h not installed?

Hi all,

I 'd like to fetch a list of structures, and found that it could be done
LLVMContextImpl *pImpl = Context.pImpl;

This however needs the inclusion of LLVMContextImpl.h, which is not
contained in the includes dir, but in the lib/IR dir (next to the .cpp
files) and is not installed under /usr/local/include...

Whats the reason for this? Isn't it indended to be used?
Should I access a list of available structures using other methods?


`pImpl` stands for "private implementation" here -- you're not really
supposed to access it.

I think what you're looking for is `llvm::TypeFinder`, which you can
get from:

    #include "llvm/IR/TypeFinder.h"

I know the typeFinder, but does it really provide an iterateable list of
named and anon structs? I must have overlooked it...


Duncan P. N. Exon Smith wrote: