llvmlite pass manager

​Dear all,

I have written a code and used a function for pass manager in llvmlite. I used the following function:
def create_pass_manager_builder(opt=3, loop_vectorize=False, slp_vectorize=False):
pmb = llvm.create_pass_manager_builder()
pmb.opt_level = opt
pmb.loop_vectorize = loop_vectorize
pmb.populate = populate
pmb.add_dead_code_elimination_pass = add_dead_code_elimination_pass
pmb.slp_vectorize = slp_vectorize
pmb.inlining_threshold = _inlining_threshold(opt)
pmb.add_global_dce_pass = add_global_dce_pass
pmb.add_global_optimizer_pass = add_global_optimizer_pass
pmb.add_ipsccp_pass = add_ipsccp_pass
return pmb

and using the following:

module_ref = llvm1.parse_assembly(str(module))
pmb = llvm.create_pass_manager_builder()
pmb.opt_level = 3
pm = llvm.create_module_pass_manager()

I tried to run my module pass manager. However, when i change the level of optimization, I can not see any differences on output of my code in term of optimization. I think there should be a difference between opt-level = 0 and opt-level = 3. does anyone have any idea about that?

Best Regards