LNT buildbot Internal Server Error

Hi folks,

I got ISE when submitting the LNT logs to perf:


I think this is the first time that I get this, is there something happening to the server?

Can I disable submitting the results? I don’t really care much about the performance of those runs, since that’s just the conformance buildbot.

Btw, anyone know of the status of the new “benchmark” run for the test-suite?


I had a look at the code and it seems that the LNT factory will *always*
force the submitURL onto LitTest, which will always try to submit it to
perf, which is still giving internal server errors.

This is really disrupting our bots, can someone have a look at my attached
patch for disabling the submitURL variable? I'm sorry if it's bad, I'm no
python programmer and I have no ways of testing it right now.


zorg-no-report-lnt.patch (1.74 KB)

The error you are seeing there is the client side error of a server side exception. It is probably best to address the actual failure. Those will probably be in the apache log on the server.

That said, I think if a bot really is just for testing and not performance there is no harm in not submitting the results.

I will take a look at your patch.

I have the same problems, however I am actually interested in the performance numbers. Who is the person in charge of llvm.org/perf? Who would be able to check the logs?


Do you guys have examples of a LNT results file that causes the failure?

I can try and reproduce locally.

Hi Chris,

thanks for the quick reply. Here a link to the most recent failing results file:


Please download it as the buildbots will delete it at some point.


Also, I just realized just looking at llvm.org/perf already shows an internal server error.

Something is really wrong here.


I will take a peek at the server log.

Daniel has restarted the server. We did not find any useful information in the log.

Thank you Chris, Thanks Daniel!



I am able to cleanly submit that results.json file to my own LNT instance. If submissions continue to be an issue, please let me know. This was probably due to the server’s current state. Daniel and I discussed alternate ways to investigate if the server has problems like this again.

WRT the patch, you should use a parameter with a default set to True. Something similar to the clean=True flag.

Also, it would be nice to maintain the order of arguments in the lnt invocation, so appending the submission args after lnt runtest nt, but before the run specific options.

Hi Chris,

everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help!