LNT ClamAV Output

Hi Daniel,

I’ve been checking the ClamAV (again) and found that on one of my A9 boards I get the same output mismatch that Hal gets on PPC64, but on other boards, Chromebook and my x64 laptop, I don’t.

The outputs in question are attached (ppc64 and intel accordingly) with full debug messages enabled.

Originally, I thought that the OLE objects, that unzip to a temporary directory, was to blame, but after sorting the contents of that dir in the same way we did before didn’t help, I’m sceptic. Also, if the contents were really scrambled, more lines would be out of order, not just those.

However, compiling the same code with GCC produces the exact same result, hinting that it’s not LLVM’s fault, but some environmental issue on some machines. Since we have ARM 32-bits having the same output A as PPC 64-bits, and Intel 64-bits having the same output B as another ARM 32-bis, I can only conclude that the architecture is also not to blame (word size, endianness, etc).

I’m really tempted to comment out that one debug message, but I might be missing something important. Any ideas?


clamav-out.zip (11.3 KB)