LNT Database Access


I want to get access to the results at:


So I could do some analysis on it. Is there a way to dump the data or to query it in any way?

Also, can I change the “base” system to point to a new build that I know is better/more appropriate?

My problem is that LNT has some nice ways of identifying performance regressions and errors (fall outside a specified range) but this is highly dependant on the platform and it might change slowly with time (for the better, I hope! :wink:

What I want to do is to get a moving average, with standard deviation, and report events like:

  • current result falls outside one standard deviation of recent average
  • current average is one standard deviation higher/lower than N runs ago
  • current standard deviation is X % higher than N runs ago
  • etc

Has anyone done that? Any pointers?