LNT easy_install problem


I noticed that easy_install of lnt 0.4.1dev doesn’t work:

easy_install lnt==0.4.1dev

Searching for lnt==0.4.1dev

Reading Links for lnt

No local packages or download links found for lnt==0.4.1dev

error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse(‘lnt==0.4.1dev’)


I didn't even know LNT was on pypi, most people seem to install it from the source repository.
It looks like the lnt package on pypi was last updated in 2012.

- Matthias

That is correct, it is no longer updated.

If the world wants LNT through pypi, we should setup an automated submission bot or something. We don’t really do releases with LNT anymore (it gets better with every commit!).

Does anyone still install it this way? Do we have docs saying to do that?

The upper left corner of http://lnt.llvm.org/index.html lists easy_install as an installation technique.