LNT Error 500

Hi Renato,

on our public LNT servers I see again error 500 messages every once in a while:


Could you possibly have a look?


Hi Tobi,

It went back to green this morning, and it's ok again. I haven't done
anything. But one thing I realised last time was that any error turns
into an "internal server error", even page not found, etc. So, there's
something odd about that Apache.

The reason why I think it's intermittent is because the server load is
so high that it's just dropping connections (apache does that if it
has too many connections already). We probably need to think about our
infrastructure soon. the buildbots are also very slow in the past few
months, and getting slower.


Right. The Error 500s disappeared again. I hoped you might find something in the logs, but if it is indeed an overloaded server, we may need to do something with the infrastructure.


I spent some time looking around for any log that could give me some
answers, but there is little information on how things are setup and
where's which service in there.

I think we need an open plan on who does what, where, so we can track
and scale services when they need.