LNT server is down

Hello everyone,

It seems the LNT server is down returning error 500.

Could somebody restart it, please?
Who is in charge of it now?



[CC: Daniel, Chris]

This unfortunately happens semi regular. The issue is unknown.
Daniel or Chris should have server access, but a cronjob to automatically restart LNT was set up already. What was not yet done is to find the reason why LNT crashes. Unfortunately, this is probably something that only people with server access can do.


I don’t have access to that server.

I have been using a cloud LNT instance for the performance runs on the green-dragon cluster. So far it has provided 100% uptime!


I am surprised. What was the reason you did not use the instance at llvm.org/perf? Did you consider it broken?

If the only issue was that you did not have server access, then maybe we should fix this. I do not see why we would maintain two instances.
One canonical address for LLVM performance results seems to be the way to go.


Yeah, it is not useful to have an instance with such a high failure rate. I need our bots to be announcing failures over IRC or email, and we can’t do that with a server that fails daily. It was also losing lots of data points by failing.

I agree that we should use a common server. I will migrate the green dragon performance data to a communal server when we have a reliable instance.

I’ll see if I can find a more suitable solution after the break.

OK. So we agree that there is an issue with the server and it should be fixed. Let's continue the discussion in the thread Renato started on LLVM-dev.