LNT + test-suite configure script problem

Hi all,

I was wondering whether LNT intentionally uses the host compiler for configuring the LLVM test-suite. For example, running the following command:

lnt runtest nt --sandbox x86-sandbox --cc /home/vk/build/llvm/debug/bin/clang --test-suite /home/vk/repos/test-suite

I would expect the configure script (in test-suite) to use the clang from the specified --cc option. However, from the attached configure.log, it seems that we use gcc/g++ for configuring the tests.

I discovered this problem (if there's no esoteric option I'm not aware of) while I was trying to fix a few tests in the LLVM test-suite in order to make them compatible with Musl. The Musl C library does not support the old re_comp(), re_exec() functions. The configure script tests for the existence of these functions. However, by using gcc instead of clang, it tests for them by using Glibc instead of Musl.

On a related note, I noticed that even if we somehow use the specified clang compiler for non-native targets, we will not be able to run the configure script because it doesn't respect the RUNUNDER mechanism when it executes the intermediate programs it generates.


configure.log (12.1 KB)