LOAD instruction source register selection

My implemented load is emitting following instruction

P_128B_LOAD_DWORD R_0_R1024b_0, pimword ptr [rip + b]

Here I want register R_0_R64b instead of rip where i need to make changes please help.

My load implementation is follows:

def P_128B_LOAD_DWORD : P_Data_Mov<0x0045, MRMSrcMem_P, (outs VRP_1024:$dst), (ins i1024mem:$src),
“P_128B_LOAD_DWORD\t{$src, $dst|$dst, $src}”,
[(set VRP_1024:$dst, (v32i32 (load addr:$src)))],

please help.

Thank You