Loading clang example plugin error (Symbol not found: __ZN5clang11ASTConsumer21HandleInterestingDeclENS_12DeclGroupRefE)

Hey, I try the PrintFunctionNames example, followed by the official step….
"make PrintFunctionNames && clang -cc1 -load .dylib -plugin print-nfs -plugin-arg-print-fns -an error file.c” but error produced:
error: unable to load plugin '/Users/
/Documents/llvm/build/lib/PrintFunctionNames.dylib’: 'dlopen(/Users/
*/Documents/llvm/build/lib/PrintFunctionNames.dylib, 9):

Symbol not found: __ZN5clang11ASTConsumer21HandleInterestingDeclENS_12DeclGroupRefE }

how can i deal with this problem? look forward to ur reply~

PS: Now I wanna do some custom checker … Before I use the oclint, It’s ok… but its performance is not that good so cannot be well applied in practice. I hope sb can get me escaped from current embarrassment. thx~