Loading LLVM passes on Cygwin

I am trying to write an LLVM pass on Windows using Cygwin. When I “make” the project, a dll gets created in the Release/bin directory instead of a .so file in the Release/lib directory. The latter is what is shown in the LLVM documentation. When I try to load this dll using the -load flag to opt, nothing happens.

$opt -load ../../../Release/bin/Pass.dll -help

The pass that I am trying to load isn’t printed after this. How do I get this right?


Arjun, please try "configure --enable-shared" and link your dll to
cygLLVM*.dll .

With --enable-shared, you may build cygLLVMHello.dll manually, "make
-C lib/Transforms/Hello" .
(You can see cygBugpointPasses.dll, too)


I am not able to find any cygLLVM*.dll. Where are these present? What is cygBugpointPasses.dll?