Loading static analyzer module as a Clang plugin

I’m trying to load checker, but encountered some problems. When I tried to build MyChecker.so with command:

g++ MyChecker.cpp -o MyChecker.so -shared -fPIC

It compiled, but when i tried to load it, I got this mistake:

error: unable to load plugin ‘./MyChecker.so’: ‘./MyChecker.so: undefined symbol: _ZTIN5clang4ento11CheckerBaseE’

Then I read that -fno-rtti flag is required when building shared library, so I tried to build it with this command:

g++ MyChecker.cpp -o MyChecker.so -shared -fPIC -fno-rtti

Now the problem is that after loading command (clang -cc1 -load ./MyChecker.so) nothing happends in the terminal for a long time, so plugin is not loading.

Do you have any ideas on what can help here?