Location of cppeh outlining tests

Hi Reid,

It occurs to me that we should probably move the cppeh outlining tests, since they aren’t actually X86-specific. We should probably also add an ARM+Windows run line to them.

I’m torn between whether they should go in the test/CodeGen/CPP folder or in a new test/CodeGen/Win (or test/CodeGen/WinEH) folder.



Organizationally, tests/CodeGen/WinEH sounds good to me, but you have to keep in mind that backends can be compiled out. The test runner knows to ignore tests/CodeGen/X86 when the x86 backend is compiled out, and if we moved to WinEH, we’d have to add REQUIRES: registered-x86-backend lines to all the tests or add a rule to tests/CodeGen/lit.cfg.

Actually, we'd add a file at tests/CodeGen/WinEH/lit.local.cfg similar to
the one in CodeGen/X86.

That sounds good to me, honestly.