location of libclang

At the developer meeting there was a talk (I think it was by Nate Begeman) that mentioned libclang. I can't seem to find any reference to it and Nate's talk is not on the web site yet. Where can I find it?

There is no single "libclang". Clang is a set of libraries (libClangLex, libClangSema, libClangCodeGen, etc.) that, together, form a compiler. For OpenCL, which Nate was talking about, you would need to link against at least:

  libClangBasic libClangLex libClangParse libClangAST libClangSema libClangCodeGen

  - Doug

I think Eugene was referring to Nate's talk from the previous year. As Doug says, there is no libClang; conceptually Nate was talking of the union of the libraries Doug mentioned (which one can easily generate into a library of its own if so desired).