looking for a contractor to develop a LM32 backend


my company is developing a quantum physics experiment control system for
NIST which is using LLVM. You can find some technical information about
the project in this slideshow: ARTIQ | M-Labs

We've been able to get things to work using mor1kx (OpenRISC) which has
a decent LLVM backend, but I'd prefer to switch to LM32 as OpenRISC
suffers from FPGA resource bloat and a dirty ISA and ABI. None of this
is a blocker for the project, but I like to use high quality components.

We have some old backend code already:

but it needs to be upgraded to the latest LLVM or at least 3.5, and we
need the integrated assembler. Optimization of the generated code also

If you are interested in working on this, please send me your