Looking for a LLVM Compiler Engineer

staila technologies develops and markets a high-performance data processing appliance. The main application
area lies in the financial markets, for example in real time analytics and trading. Other markets will be explored
as the company grows. The young company is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is currently funded trough a swiss bank.

Job Description:
We are looking for an engineer to develop/extend the compiler infrastructure in our system mercury.
The task of the developed compiler is the compilation of an object oriented language
and a database lanaguge using LLVMs C API. The main work includes generating code using LLVM,
implementation and enhancing of the semantic checker, ast and symbol-table.
The role also includes participation in langauge feature design.

Must Haves:
* Excellent C know-how 5+ years of experience
* Experience using LLVM to its JIT
* Experience with GCC under FreeBSD oder similar
* Experience in compiler-design for OO and database languages
* Right to live and work in Zurich or the EU

Nice To Have:
* Experience in many core development
* Familiarity with C# and the CLR

* Master's degree in Computer science

Are you a dynamic person looking for a challenging job in an innovative environment and are ready to take on responsibility and influence the future of our company?

If so, then our team would be pleased to get to know you!