Looking for aarch64 build scripts

Hi @omjavaid
I see that you upload aarch64-linux-gnu tarballs for a release.

I am curious to understand how the tarball is produced and what platforms it supports. Can you please point me to the steps and throw some light on the supported platforms with the tarball?


Hi Madhur

Please look at How To Release LLVM To The Public — LLVM 18.0.0git documentation for all the information needed for making a release.

Thanks for your reply @omjavaid.

While I am aware of the process, I am looking for the build script or steps you take to build. Is it llvm/utils/release/test-release.sh script. what you use?

What are the platforms the .tgz supports? For example, is it expected to work on slightly older Ubuntu 18.04?

Releases are indeed built with the test-release.sh script. The script will build a release tarball targeting the current operating system, so you cannot be sure that the resulting executables will run on other systems.

Thanks. That helps.

@madhur13490 We @ Linaro build release binaries on Ubuntu LTS - 1 release which is currently Ubuntu Focal. I hope you got answers to all your questions.

Thanks @omjavaid. I got what I was looking for.