Looking for help with review

Hi all,

I would like to ask if there are volunteers to help us with code review - we finally have patches with alternative transport layer we promised at EuroLLVM ready.

While I assume (but please correct me if I am wrong) that it would be fine to have our specific XPC stuff reviewed by other Apple folks I feel it would be more appropriate to have changes impacting the common code reviewed by clangd community.

If anyone is willing to take a look - patches are here:

[clangd] refactoring for XPC transport layer [NFCI]

This is probably the most interesting patch for the community as it changes current clangd design in order to be able to accommodate alternative dispatcher.

[clangd] JSON <-> XPC conversions

Small, self-contained patch - conversion functions and tests.

[clangd] XPC transport layer

Implementation of alternative transport layer. We are currently having this patch reviewed internally but if there’s interest in community it would be awesome to have it reviewed on phab as well.

Thank you.


Hi Jan,

Happy to take a look at the changes in the common code.
Will get to it as soon as I have some spare time. (Hopefully tomorrow or on Monday)

Also happy to take a look here.
I think the split you described is right - the details of XPC are more interesting to Apple, the interfaces are of wider interest.
I’d still like to look at least a bit at each patch, to understand how we should be adapting if the JSON output and/or protocol structs change in future and so on.

Will try to get into this tomorrow, thanks for the heads-up!

Cheers, Sam

Sorry for not getting to the review, got distracted by other things.

I’ll be on vacation till Jul 23, so I won’t be available before that date. However, AFAIK Sam is still planning to take a look at the changes and I’m happy to help with it after getting back.

No worries.

In the meantime I am going to rebase my patches on top of rCTE336549 [clangd] Remove JSON library in favor of llvm/Support/JSON.

Enjoy your vacation!