Looking for info on two rdars: 18684124, 15367233

Two tests are currently decorated with a @unittest2.expectedFailure
referencing rdar tickets. These tests pass consistently for me on
FreeBSD. Can I ask the Apple folks to look at these tickets and put
details in a public PR if appropriate? Alternatively, shall I switch
the tests to expectedFailureDarwin?

Also, are these tests passing on Linux?


@unittest2.expectedFailure("<rdar://problem/18684124>, lldb doesn't
reliably print the prompt when run under pexpect")


The tests seem to be passing for linux as well.

We have a chunk of tests that are marked xfail that pass right now on OS X. I’ll go through those in the near future.

I’m also seeing several tests consistently unexpectedly pass on Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 14.04) built with clang-3.6. I think at least some of them fail with gcc-4.9, so they might need to be marked up based on the compiler. I plan to look at those soonish as well.

Checking the disposition of these now.

Those radars are both listed as fixed. I’m building and will run the tests on OS X to verify I don’t see them here. Assuming they pass, I’ll strip the xfail marker.


I ran the tests against the latest official beta lldb on OS X and they are passing (unexpected successes). Flipping that now…


Sending test/driver/batch_mode/TestBatchMode.py
Sending test/functionalities/inferior-assert/TestInferiorAssert.py
Transmitting file data …