Looking for reviewers for P1144R0 "__is_trivially_relocatable" property

Hi cfe-dev,

I’ve got a patch implementing a new C++ property called “trivially relocatable,” as presented at the recent San Diego C++ committee meeting. The paper is named P1144R0 “Object relocation in terms of move plus destroy.” The basic idea of the attribute is the same as IsBitwiseMoveable in the Bloomberg standard library, or IsRelocatable in Folly, or has_trivial_relocate in EASTL. Moving the computation of this property from the library into the compiler has the advantage that the compiler can compute it 100% accurately, even for types such as lambdas which are impossible to annotate by hand.

Ultimately, I would like to get this patch into Clang trunk, so that the attribute is useable on at least one real implementation (namely Clang).
However, I don’t know how to get it reviewed. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who might review an attribute for inclusion into Clang trunk?

The patch is here: