Loop alignment

For the X86 target, where is the code that spits out
alignment directives and/or code for loops as determined by the
LoopAligner pass?


Asm printer.


Yes, but where? I can't find it. What do I need to
search for?


ViewVC is helpful :-


Look at the X86IntelAsmPrinter.cpp file for code outputting the align, if its not there it maybe in the X86AsmPrinter.cpp file, meaning you may have to override the functionality in the X86AsmPrinter.h and cpp file.


Oh, Theres also stuff in TargetAsmInfo class that may contain the actual ‘align’ statment.

Look in Target/X86/X86TargetAsmInfo.[cpp,h]


2009/6/17 Aaron Gray <aaronngray.lists@googlemail.com>