Low-bit LLVM logo

Just want to share a wonderful logo for 8-bit LLVM targets that I found today: llvm-mos.org LLVM-MOS logo. Look at the wiki logo version too.


in 2023 4kB is a “low-bit” image? :clown_face:

Hah, I made this by tracing the main LLVM logo. My main constraints were:

  • Fits in NES screen resolution (256x240)
  • Uses no more than 4 colors + black

The palette is from a quantization of the colors in the main LLVM logo, so it could only work as-is on a system with broad control over the palette (e.g., the Atari 8-bit line). It also doesn’t break neatly into a small number of e.g. 8x8 or 8x16 tiles. This is also my first attempt at pixel art (even though it’s a trace); I’m continuously surprised how well it turned out.