Low-level C++ Linking - Consultation needed


I’m looking for an expert who could offer a (paid) consultation and a code review on some low-level C++ stuff. The result of this mini-project (3-5 days) will be shared with external clients as an independent review of the approach and code.

The project is about low-level elf linker stuff with PLT/GOT/Rela. What we do is slightly unconventional, and if you’re an enthusiast in this subject you’ll find it very interesting!


  • Deep understanding of PLT/GOT/Rela, elf, virtual tables etc
  • You train/consult/write/speak/contribute to these projects
  • We can use your name, with no restrictions by your employer
  • Ideally, you work for a firm that consults or develops such projects

Let me know if you fit the description and want to know more!

Hi Natalija,

We can help you with the elf linker. Over years here at Access Softek we were working on LLD and gold linkers, and we have seen unconventional approaches to linking. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss the details.


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Hi Andrei,

Thanks for coming back to me!
I can’t find an option to message directly. I never used discourse before this.
Can you drop me a message, please?