Low res logo on discourse

I know this is a very minor point - but it annoys me a bit that the the logo in the top left on discourse is very low resolution. Could we get that one updated so it looks a bit cleaner?

The image is 380 x 279px and it is displayed as 54.5 x 40px ; seems like “too high resolution” isn’t it?

That might be the problem. It looks like crap at any rate and it bothers me a bit :slight_smile:

Ah some more interesting info here: Logo recommended resolution tips - feature - Discourse Meta

Here is one that follows the guidelines - can you try to apply that and see if looks better?

The actual image is larger but somehow it’s not crisp when it’s being rendered at the size that it is on the top left. Its finer details are all gone as if it’s been upscaled from some 13x10 image. Can a scalable version of the logo be directly downsized to 54.5 x 40 px?

Which browser / platform are you using? I tried Chrome and Safari, on Mac and iPhone, and I haven’t been able to get a “bad” display so far?

I am using Edge on Windows 11. It’s a high res screen and the logo looks very “fuzzy”.

But if there is no quick fix for this - I’ll just tune it out and try to ignore it instead!

google-chrome-stable-97.0.4692.71-1.x86_64 on a Fedora 33. Here’s a screenshot.

Would making a less detailed version of the logo make it look better at a small size?

It depends on the style of scaling used. Right now it looks smudged so I bet it’s a problem of whatever scaling algorithm used in the browser.

But I am looking at it on my iPhone now and it looks better here. I bet it’s a specific problem for windows or edge. So I don’t think it matters that much anymore.

For what it’s worth, it looks OK on my 4K laptop screen (so high DPI) in latest Edge.

This isn’t a Windows-only issue. I see the same scaling quality issue on Chrome on Fedora 33.