lowering of BUILD_VECTOR

i’m having difficulty in understanding the BUILD_VECTOR instruction and how to lower it to the an actual ISA. i looked at other targets but wasn’t quite able to figure it out. would someone be able to dumb it down for me? assume i have an insert element instruction which inserts an element from a GPR to a Vector Register at a given index, i…e


at the moment my target only supports v4i32.

a comment for BUILD_VECTOR in the ISDOpcodes.h “says” the following:

/// BUILD_VECTOR(ELT0, ELT1, ELT2, ELT3,…) - Return a vector with the
/// specified, possibly variable, elements.

my questions are:

  1. what are those elements?
  2. i presume that elements can be of different types, i.e. register, immediate, something else (don’t know what). am i correct?
  3. will the handling of BUILD_VECTOR if the inputs are of different types?

a concrete example would really help.

any help on this is really appreciated.