LowRISC RISC-V backend Coding Lab tutorial has gone missing

Alex Bradbury’s step by step backend tutorial for RISC-V from his 2018 Coding Lab has gone missing from LowRISC. I’ve searched high and low but I can’t find a mirror. Does anyone know where to find it or could they send me a tarball?

gives "Ooops... Page not found!"

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your interest. I see you've reached out about this multiple
times on twitter, direct email and now this mailing list over the past
12 hours. Please be aware I'm not in a US timezone, which obviously
affects the hours in which I'm receiving and responding to emails.

Thanks for the report - it looks like it was missed in a recent site
migration. I've added it to the todo list to get it fixed but in the
meantime please see